CCTV camera systems are considered one of the best devices used to protect houses and commercial establishments against crime. With installing Uniview cameras (SIRA Certificate), you can rest assured that no criminal will dare break in or steal any of your valuable belongings!
Uniview cameras offer a night vision feature using infrared rays, which creates a clear image of the perpetrator. This kind of infrared imaging can easily reveal any threat hidden by darkness. 
Uniview cameras are characterized by advanced technology, and their internal components are more resistant to dirt, water and temperature fluctuations. The camera cover protects against various densities of dust and moisture ranging from zero to full protection.
The device uses a motion-activated system, which saves space on the hard drive and makes it easier to review clips. It allows you to get precise images because the camera mostly follows any suspicious movement as it is happening.
The EZview Application lets you view the camera feed live on your IOS or Android phone and tablet. The application contains many features including instant alarms and footage review using time and date. 

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