Take Control

Curtains, Doors, Gates

Light Switches

Scene Activation

Motorized Valves

HE-FT01 - Side View 2.png

Up to five

channel relays

with dry contacts & 5 Amp load each

Internal Sensors


Temperature sensor

Humidity sensor

Ambient light sensor

HE-FT01 - In Interior.png

When Your Comfort Matters

HE-FT01 - White Corner.png
  • When considering your comfort at home, what is most important?

  • Is it general room temperature?

  • Heating or Cooling temperature?

  • Conditioning and ventilation speed?

  • Or maybe something else?

Full Control

Six capacitive-touch buttons which react to even the lightest touch to access the desired functions


Set temperature increase

Set temperature decrease

Setting menu/
Climate mode selection

Fan speed selection

Operating mode selection

Temperature schedule


Touch panels integrate seamlessly into your interior design and are available in different colored combinations

Want more flexibility?

Make your devices smart with this small relay

HE-RS01 - dimensions.jpg

It's also "impossibly small" and will fit in any rectangular, round or square electrical junction box, even behind connected devices.

Mother and Son

Let the smart home system manage your appliances and have time with your loved ones.

Abstract Shapes

Know how much 

oie_transparent (2).png

Elegant Design

It is ‘impossibly thin’ and good-looking on your wall

HE-FT01 - Package Box.jpg
Peaceful Home

Smart Home


Smart Phone